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Utah Midwives Association

Utah Midwives Association


Preserving Our Midwifery Heritage

Saturday, April 7th 2001
9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Courtyard Marriott
1600 North Freedom
Provo UT
Centennial Room

Guest Speakers Profile

Melissa Mayo, CPM has seen the evolution of midwifery go from illegal to legal in Alaska where she has been involved with midwifery for over 18 years.

Leslie Peterson, N.D. earned her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA in 1996. She did post-graduate work in natural childbirth and is currently a Resident Physician at the Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Orem, UT. She will be presenting her panel of Alternative Health Practitioners.

Laurine Kingston, Midwife, caught her first baby when she was 18 and training to be an LPN. Now nearly 50 years later she has attended 2000+ births and has spent much of her time striving to keep moms and babies foremost.

Legislative Committee

Suzanne Smith, CPM, has practiced in Orem for 8 years and has a long-standing interest in midwifery legislation. She is a licensed midwife in California and is just finishing her term as UMA President

Holly Richardson, R. N., CPM, practices in Utah County & has been a doula and CBE. She is the President of the Utah College of Midwifery and the Legislative Chair for the UMA.

Susan Padilla R.N.,works for the Utah State Dept. of Health. She is training as a direct-entry midwife. She was active in the legislative process whereby nurses expanded their scope from nurses to nurse-practitioners and CNMs.

Heather Johnston, Midwife practicing in the Layton area. She witnessed the legislative committee removing the clause from the CNN Practice Act, midwifery is not the practice of medicine. As a result she has been very active in midwifery legislation issues throughout the last several years.

Diane Bjarnson, CPM has practiced midwifery in Utah County for 20+ years. She was one of the founding mothers (& past president) of the UMA, and founded the Utah College of Midwifery where she continues to serve as a Boardmember.

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